Xavi pointed out where Barca made a mistake before penalizing a ticket sale after the Europa League crash

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Xavi Hernandez Barcelona manager Came out to reveal the mistake of the team. After being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Europa League in a shock against Frankfurt last night

 Barcelona manager Xavi has criticized his side’s performance following a shock defeat to Frankfurt in the Europa League quarter-final second leg on Thursday night. Although they felt they were being prevented by many German fans who were able to enter the Camp Nou stadium.

           The Catalan elite had to suspend ticket sales on Wednesday after thousands of Frankfurt supporters successfully bought tickets in the home’s stand. It is estimated that as many as 30,000 fans travel to Spain to watch Thursday’s game. make sense More like a home game for the away team And the heavily encouraged visitors scored two goals in the first half before making the aggregate 4-1 after scoring the third goal in the second half.

          Barcelona scored in stoppage time, scoring twice late in the game. But did not catch up to the end of the game Barcelona 2 Frankfurt 3 (a total of two games 3-4) Frankfurt qualified for the semi-finals to duel West Ham, the first match on April 28, this game will The home team saw that Barca lacked the agility and sharpness seen in their previous 15 unbeaten results after the match. Xabi criticizes his team hard. But felt they were still on the right track as he was deeply disappointed by what happened in the stands and how the fans Frankfurt is on the field a lot.

           “It’s a very big disappointment,” Xavi said. “We have to congratulate Frankfurt because they deserved to qualify. But we are still not doing well.” “We don’t know how to create chances and go up attack. We didn’t play as in the past games. This match is another missed opportunity for us . Every time they reach our door They seemed to score. “We made a lot of mistakes, the penalty [in the first half] was a mistake. The third goal was a mistake. We have to learn from these mistakes and criticize ourselves.”

           Xabi added: “This is a disappointment for me. But I will say that this is part of the process we are working on. I think since November We have changed a lot. Defeat is part of football. even what happened today We must continue to believe.”

On the fan issue, Xavi continued: “I expected 70,000 Barcelona fans to fill the Nou Camp, but it wasn’t. ” Miscalculated and the UFABET club is investigating. It looks like a final instead of a home game. We wanted the atmosphere but it wasn’t like that. We expect the fans Support us more.”

He added: “The atmosphere in the stands didn’t help us, that’s clear, it affected us and we weren’t doing well. This is not an excuse because on the pitch we are not good enough.”