Stevie G picks the best teammates + 4 current players he wants to play with.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has dismissed Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso when it comes to choosing the best team-mates. It also revealed a list of current Premier League players who would like to play alongside.

   Steven Gerrard has revealed why Luis Suarez was the best player he shared a dressing room with during his 17-year Liverpool career over Fernando Torres. and Xabi Alonso , the former Reds captain who now serves as Aston Villa manager, recalled his days as a player forex-England team-mate Gary Neville on The Overlap . of Sky Sports , where ex -Manchester United striker Nevilleasked Gerrard who is His best teammate between Suarez and Torres. The Liverpool icon admits he has faced the question countless times.

          “I come across this question all the time. They’re both great. But I would have to say Suarez because he has everything, ” Gerrard said. “I played with some of the top players , Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Stu. But Suarez is different no matter who you play with. You have the feeling that he will make you win in that game and in every game.”

          Suarez declared himself on the world stage as one of the most promising strikers while at Liverpool. The Uruguay international has scored 82 goals in 133 appearances across all competitions over three and a half seasons with the Reds. The money used to buy Suarez from Dutch giants Ajax came from the £50 million he received when he sold Torres to Chelsea, which at the time had made headlines. and highly controversial

          Gerrard also recalled the feeling of training with Suarez. and the fear he instilled in his own teammates. “In the first session, in the second session It’s almost like he trains the UFABET way he plays,” said the former Liverpool captain. “I remember walking out of the main session we trained with Carra [Jamie Carragher]. ‘I don’t want to play with him every day,’ he trains so intensely.” “He could embarrass you. Even with what I didn’t think he knew he would do. He is a ricochet expert. He will carry the ball past you. he will have power over you He will bully you.” 

          Unfortunately for both the club and the players. Suarez’s time on Merseyside has been controversial from time to time. Before his eventual move to Barcelona in 2015, the striker’s relationship with then Reds boss Brendan Rodgers was deteriorating. Gerrard recalled the moment and explained that it was impossible to be there with Suarez all the time. “When he had an affair with Brendan Rodgers, I was trying to be an intermediary between the two. But there are situations where you have to step back and let him and his men take care of themselves. It’s not that I don’t want to help him. But sometimes the situation is bigger than it is.”

The Aston Villa boss also named four current Premier League players he would like to play alongside: ” Mo Salah, Bruno Fernandes, you might not agree. But I really like him . Van Dijk) is very impressive at the moment.”