Kun-Thanawat leads the army of small series of foxes slashes Khao Lek sheep

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“Kun” Thanawat Thungchitthavorn, a midfielder of the Thai national team. Lead the army of small sets of foxes Leicester City U23. Open the home slash The Iron Man Derby County U-23s narrowly went 2-1 with a late winner from Maswanis.

 Little Foxes Leicester City U23 opens the King Power Stadium to receive the visit of the team. Sheep Khao Lek Derby County on the night of April 15 in this game. Leicester changed only one player from the win over Manchester United by sending Ronnie Nelson. He came on as a replacement for midfielder Sammy Braybrook was in the senior squad at PSV Eindhoven on Thursday night. 

 However, in the offensive game, there is still Chris Popov. The promoted striker from the U-18 team, Vanya Marcel Madivado, Will Alves and Thanawat Tungchitthavorn. Thai national team midfielder entered the field for a full 90 minutes in the game. Only 5 minutes in the UFABET game, the visiting team came to get the first goal from the first attack. It was Jack Stretton who scored a goal in the penalty area for the team. “Sheep Khao Lek” took the lead 1-0

 Leicester quickly equalized from The attacking action of full-back Joe Warmleighton and a pass for Shane Flynn to charge in front of goal, Leicester equalized to 1-1 in the 9th minute, then Tavanda came late in the game. Substitute Swansea took on the heroic role, taking advantage of a mistake from the derby line to score the winner in the 83rd minute to put Leicester 2-1 up and the game ended with the score. 

  “Little Foxes” Leicester City U23 with 34 points from 23 games moved up to fifth in the table. The next match will be at home against Blackburn Rovers on Monday night, April 18 at 11.00. n.